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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Indochina 2012)

*Original title was supposed to be Hoing in Ho Chi Minh but that’s disrespectful and highly inaccurate as there were absolutely no hoing involved. Pho-ing, on the other hand…


November 21, 2012

As you can see, I’m woefully behind on my travel blogging and I’m not sure how much I remember at this point. I’ve switched mobiles so all my notes on the Indochina trip is now long gone, but but BUT thank god for tripit and the meticulous boardroom planning that my co-travelers did. (We literally planned this stuff in an actual boardroom)

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Blogger’s Remorse and an IG Spam

Not only have I not been updating as much as I promised when I started this blog, I also haven’t been blogging the big things. But I promise, when I get back from South Korea, I’ll have the following posts up one at a time:

  • Hong Kong trip
  • Egay’s Bridal Shower
  • Indochina trip (most likely divided into 3 parts: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand)
  • South Korea!

And just so you know I’m not lying about posting stuff, here’s a teaser of my Indochina trip. And by teaser I mean the instagram pics I took.