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Back to UP x2

Despite the lure of cheap eats, nostalgic walks around the acad oval, and the general feeling of lightness when I visit my old university, I haven’t been back as much as I’ve wanted since I’ve graduated. This year though, I’ve been back on two separate occasions.

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Memories: On Why I Was Known In Some Circles As “The Bomb”

The news that Multiply is getting rid of its social networking part has sent us all a-scampering to retrieve our blogs, photos & other memories we deem worthy of keeping from the site. I still haven’t done any actual downloading but I did read through some of my entries. I’m actually quite fond of my blog there, even though most of it has been friends-locked and thus, my humor, charm, and wit has gone unnoticed by the world wide web. No, really, I used to be a fun blogger.

Anyway, I managed to dig up one of my favorite stories about my undergrad years that is not related to my org or– gasp– love life.

Sept 12, 2008

Back when I was an undergrad and fulfilling my GE AH requirements, I took up English I. (English One, not English I as in English Me) It was basic grammar stuff. I was forever cutting that class because it was something with a high school diploma can ace. I had to make sure I show up once in a while though, or I’ll be forced to drop out of the class.

One time, on one of my rare appearances, the prof handed out quizzes for us to answer in 15 minutes. Since I haven’t exactly been keeping up on the lesson plan that week (Eng’g Week, you UP Engineering people would understand), I didn’t know which topic it was about. There were no instructions, just fill-in-the-blank sentences.

So I filled up the blanks.

One of the questions was, “John dropped ________ on my Aunt’s house yesterday.” or something like that.

And in a singularly spectacular moment of stupidity, I answered the question with:

“John dropped the bomb on my Aunt’s house yesterday.”

Of course it wasn’t the right answer. (“John dropped by on my Aunt’s house yesterday.” We were studying prepositions, apparently.) I could have argued that my answer wasn’t wrong either, I was just being more Creative Writing 10 than Eng I, if only we weren’t laughing so hard. Anyway, no need to let the rest of the class know that I have an inner blonde.

My seatmates never let me forget that one. Even until during my last year in UP, whenever they see me, it’s all “Hey, it’s the bomb!” Also, one of them messaged me in Friendster months ago (only, I have opened it just now because I hardly open my Friendster account anymore) with the message title “Just dropping the bomb.”

Needless to say, I bombed that quiz. Poor John. I never meant to accuse him of terrorism.

Oh, GE is “General Education” and AH is “Arts & Humanities”. I think. Is it really General Education?

Since I’m probably going to lose that multiply blog soon (I just know I’ll forget to back up the sh*t in there), I want to repost it here because it makes me laugh so hard everytime I remember it. We all need memories like that to go back to, don’t we?