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So this happened on twitter…

First, the announcement, the contenders, and the returning champions:

At first I was on team Jack & Theo (Walshere? Wilcott?), but hey, it’s Cesc and Carlitos, so I switched allegiance faster than you can say “Moc moc!”.

Then the trash-talking between bbJack and RVP:

I felt like Jack withdrew too easily. But then again, RVP had to sleep, because that’s what old people do: sleep early.

Then, Cesc’s dig about Theo and his neener-neener-we-won celebratory tweet:

The magic couple. MAGIC COUPLE. Not a duo. A couple.

What will Geri say?

Arsenal = kings of twitter. This made my night, really. And the sounds of joy I made were previously unknown to man.

P.S. I’m willing to and able to buy drinks for Jack, RVP. Just saying. 😉