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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Indochina 2012)

*Original title was supposed to be Hoing in Ho Chi Minh but that’s disrespectful and highly inaccurate as there were absolutely no hoing involved. Pho-ing, on the other hand…


November 21, 2012

As you can see, I’m woefully behind on my travel blogging and I’m not sure how much I remember at this point. I’ve switched mobiles so all my notes on the Indochina trip is now long gone, but but BUT thank god for tripit and the meticulous boardroom planning that my co-travelers did. (We literally planned this stuff in an actual boardroom)

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Hong Kong: Ten Thousand Buddhas (and infinite embarrassment)


June 29, 2012, Sha Tin

You know how easy it is to get around Hong Kong via the MTR? Well, it is. The problem was when we exit the stations and try to find our way to our destination by foot. Asking the locals was a task that was as frustrating as it was fruitless (sometimes “straight” really means “there’s a huge building blocking your way so you might have to go right then left then under then over a bridge then right and then do the hokey pokey”).

Our last destination as tourists was the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, which was a grand Buddhist temple up a mountain peppered with statues of not ten, but thirteen thousand buddha statues.

We decided to walk down Pai Tau street from the Sha Tin station of the MTR, passing by an Ikea along the way (Sorry, this is the only landmark I remember!).¬†And found this place… Continue reading

Hong Kong: Ngong Ping Village and Disneyland

Early on our second day in Hong Kong, we made our way to from our hostel in Nathan Road to where we’re supposed to board the cable cars to Ngong Ping Village in Lantau Island. It was an easy enough trip from the TST station (near where we’re staying) to the Tung Chung Station, with only one transfer from the Tsuen Wan Line to the Tung Chung Line via Lai King Station.


Click to enlarge (image from http://www.mtr.com.hk/). There’s an MTR tourist app that might be helpful for planning journeys; we didn’t download that last year.

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Hong Kong: The First Day


It’s really hard for me to act my age.

Since the morning of our arrival in Hong Kong was reserved for errands like checking into the hostel, exchanging money, and cursing ourselves for not packing an umbrella, we only had from lunch time onward for touring. Our first destination was the TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) harbour so we can take the Star Ferry from TST to Central. The terminal was about a ten-minute walk from our hostel, but it turned into around fifteen because of the rain and a couple of wrong turns. Continue reading

We owned the night like the 4th of July!

(Though to be honest, K. Perry, I’ve never felt like a plastic bag. Ever.)

Miss Americurrr! (My cousin’s gf, Joy, who went all-out patriotic for this day.)

In my country, July 4 is known as “Philippine-American Friendship Day”. It used to be our nation’s Independence Day before President Diosdado Macapagal switched it to June 12, which was our independence from our Spanish conquerors.

At this point, I just want to say a huge “Ha!” to my grade school history teacher who thought I’ve learned nothing just because I opted to do something more productive in class than listen to her. Bitch, I had Encarta.

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