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Well, this is unacceptable.

I am woefully behind blogging about the UK trip, not to mention these other things that you may or may not see on this blog in the future. It all depends on my free time and motivation:

  • Cebu-Bohol trip with the girls (which girls? Stay tuned to find out! LOL).
  • Iche’s wedding
  • Binondo food trip with Ajay and Angel, plus other snippets of their stay in the Philippines.
  • Stalking Beckham, Donovan & the rest of the LA Galaxy and the game tomorrow. Yes, the game hasn’t happened yet, but I’m 80% sure I wouldn’t be blogging about it immediately. Unless something epic happens. Like me ending up at the Galaxy locker room.

I wish I could say I haven’t been blogging much because of a highly exciting,¬†jet-setting¬†life, but I was either busy with a bunch of TV series or the SAP Cert. I passed that one, by the way. Not sure what to do about that though. The universe hasn’t spoken to me yet.