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Off the Grid (Or how I never say no to food.)

Food trucks? Why, yes please.

It was back to SF for me on a Friday afternoon as we drove over to Fort Mason Center so we can check out Off The Grid. We had a very systematic approach to this visit, with the list of vendors printed out and all. The suggestions of people who has been there were even highlighted and noted. We take our food trip seriously! Haha.

I want to pause at this point to say that I can’t get a quote from “Go On” out of my head: It’s a short trip from foodie to fatty.

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We owned the night like the 4th of July!

(Though to be honest, K. Perry, I’ve never felt like a plastic bag. Ever.)

Miss Americurrr! (My cousin’s gf, Joy, who went all-out patriotic for this day.)

In my country, July 4 is known as “Philippine-American Friendship Day”. It used to be our nation’s Independence Day before President Diosdado Macapagal switched it to June 12, which was our independence from our Spanish conquerors.

At this point, I just want to say a huge “Ha!” to my grade school history teacher who thought I’ve learned nothing just because I opted to do something more productive in class than listen to her. Bitch, I had Encarta.

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Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco!

I wonder if anyone has already noticed that I add an exclamation point to the title when I can’t come up with a semi-decent one.

I probably wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I went to San Francisco and didn’t see Pier 39 in Fisherman’s Wharf. I could be wrong but we don’t have anything like that in the Philippines. The piers I’ve gone too locally are all “serious business” ones, and you try to spend as little time there as possible before you board your ferry to go to another place.

Fisherman’s Wharf was our last stop of the day so my feet were pretty much dead but I wasn’t going to miss out on the place. What’s a little blood in my boots?

Bad-ass bird of the day: “I own this street, b*tches!”

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A Golden (Gate) Afternoon

I read somewhere that the Golden Gate Bridge ranks as one of the top suicide spots in the world. It’s terribly sad that some people look at that suspension bridge and think, “That’s where/how I’ll end my life.” And then there are people who’d lost loved ones from suicides off that bridge and that’s all they remember when they see it. I mean, it really is a breathtakingly beautiful bridge — like a work of art that spans almost 9000 feet– so it’s tragic in that aspect.

Well, you know what they say about tragedy and beauty. Or is it the beauty of tragedy? Or the tragedy of beauty?

Okay, now that I’ve started this entry in a morbid note (it’s just one of those days; I forgot to take my happy pills.), let me just say that there was nothing sad or melancholy about on the day I got my first good view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a really clear day, perfect for sight-seeing.

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One for the Gods: Palace of Fine Arts

There are times that I get so immersed in a book that I’m reading, I sometimes confuse it with reality.

Right, that makes me sound all kinds of crazy. I prefer to think of it as I have a really active imagination. Or have escapist tendencies.

During my trip to California, I was reading the Percy Jackson series and its spin-off, Heroes of Olympus. If you’re not familiar with either the books or the lame movie adaptation, it centers on Greek and Roman mythology. Not only were some scenes based in the Bay Area, but my cousin just happened to take me to the Palace of Fine Arts on our tour of San Francisco. That didn’t exactly help with my mix-up between what I’m reading and reality. Is that a centaur?

The Palace of Fine Arts is probably my favorite place in all of San Francisco. Well, except for those places that were related to food. I know it’s not an actual Greek or Roman ruin– I think it’s part of an exhibition– but I love the arches and the Corinthian columns and the general ancient world feel of the place.

Camp Half-blood! Haha.

If I lived anywhere near this place, I’d always hang out here, maybe reading on one of the benches. Or secretly downing vodka in a mineral water bottle, which we might or might not have done already.

My Zeus, this place is beautiful.

There were a lot of birds that made their home in the lagoon. Because I am a graduate of one of the best science programs in the country, I’ve identified them expertly as: ducks, swans, seagulls, and some gray birds.

This mama swan was protective of its cygnets. It chased away another bird that was getting a bit too close.

The Palace seemed like a popular place for pictorials, especially for weddings. I don’t blame them, the place is really photogenic. It felt like the gods will descend from Olympus and give me a quest or something. Scratch that — it felt like Olympus.

This place came the closest to how I felt when I was hanging out at the John Madejski Garden in V&A. I wish I could have seen it at night.