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On Board the MV Logos Hope!

It was my first visit to the vessel, though I’ve been planning to come for years. I am a failure that way.

Logos Hope is actually the new ship, the fourth one the organization utilized. It is run by a German charitable organization whose goal is to bring “knowledge to the world”, though there’s a heavy Christian theme throughout. The crew ┬áis made up of different nationalities and live on board for about two years.

It was an easy commute for me from Taft-Vito Cruz. I just took the LRT1 to Carriedo station and from there, rode a jeep with a sign that says “Pier”. I’m a very “let’s take a cab” kind of girl because I’m lazy and get lost easily so I’m telling you, it’s a no-brainer commute.

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Ex-player teaches football to street kids in the Philippines, and nobody in the local news knows

Fate must really want me to blog because I’ve been encountering lots of interesting people lately.

I was on my usual past-midnight run to 7-11 to buy some snacks. Since my sister’s still awake, ostensibly studying but really watching Pretty Little Liars, she asked for me to grab her a couple of items too. This resulted a shitload of items, and at around four in the morning, it really isn’t that much of a stretch for the guy behind me in the counter to comment, “Got the munchies?”

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