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People Power, 26 Years Later

Yesterday was the 26th anniversary of  People Power, and with our current president the offspring of the two main figureheads of that revolution, it was sure to have been a spectacular celebration. This entry is not a coverage of the celebrations or an introspection on the past 26 post-People Power years. It is merely a post about a rather nice conversation with a cab driver about the (first) EDSA revolution.

Around 6 AM yesterday, Marj and I finally decided to go home from our regular time-wasting after work. (I almost typed “Friday night out”, but ‘night out’ invokes images of booze and dancing or whatever it is that earning people do on a Friday night in their early- to mid-20s.) So I hailed a cab as usual, rather, a cab stopped in front of us and Marj graciously let me have it because as she announced in front of some officemates, I badly need to pee.

Usually, I put on earphones and listen to the music of my own choosing instead of the radio stations that most cab drivers have on (“Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?”/”Ambot sa kambing na may bangs!” What does the last one even mean?) but since traffic updates were on, I vetoed against the earphones.

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