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Hanging Out at Union Square

Drinking coffee and eating takeaway cake  in Union Square park was a good way to spend an afternoon. A better way would have been to shop in all the stores there, but I didn’t want to weep at my credit card bill when it came. Not that that hasn’t happened before.

Excuse us, Korean tourists, but it’s our turn to take a picture with the large heart.

We were supposed to eat at Cheesecake Factory but since it was gay pride weekend, there were a zillion more people than usual (so I’ve been told) and there was going to be at least an hour wait. So we just ordered a slice each and ate outside. There were so many cake choices and didn’t know which one to try! So I ordered what I usually do: red velvet cake. (What? Red velvet is the best!)

We went up to Macy’s to get a view of the park from up high. I tried not to look at the stuff because once I started browsing, I’d be unstoppable.

Since I’m pretty sure I’ll be back next year someday, I don’t feel too bad about not getting to shop. Also, I might be more of Haight Street material, hehe.