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Those That Didn’t Make The Cut: Days 21-30

I could weep with relief that I’ve finally finished this challenge. I have Marj & Zsappy to thank for the pressure, since they did theirs right on schedule. So here’s the last batch of this photo challenge, and what a useless crop it is:

Day 21 – Faceless Self-portrait

Another photo shoot done at the office. Oh well.

Smile though your heart is aching…

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Those That Didn’t Make The Cut: Days 11-20

If I ever thought that I’d magically improve my technique (did I ever have one?) by days 11-20, I must have been pretty deluded at that time. Maybe if I didn’t cram these pictures so much, I would have had more time to plan and execute the challenges. Or not.

Day 11 – Something Blue

I think that it’s a bit harder for me when the day’s challenge is very general, thus, giving me a lot of options. No, that’s not a good thing for me, I end up taking too long choosing what to shoot. But then again, it is called a photography “challenge”, right?

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Those That Didn’t Make The Cut: Days 1-10

A few of my friends and I are doing this 30-Day Photography Challenge we found via Pinterest from this blog. Personally, it’s an exercise in creativity — or what little creativity I have left. I used to design posters and teasers for my org in college but now the most creative thing I do for my job is color coding my flowcharts.

Here are some of the shots I didn’t get to upload:

Day 1 – Self-portrait

The reason why I hardly change my profile/display pics is because I’m forever conscious of getting solo pics taken (group pics are not a problem). The hardest part was trying not to make goofy faces at the cam.

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