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Those That Didn’t Make The Cut: Days 21-30

I could weep with relief that I’ve finally finished this challenge. I have Marj & Zsappy to thank for the pressure, since they did theirs right on schedule. So here’s the last batch of this photo challenge, and what a useless crop it is:

Day 21 – Faceless Self-portrait

Another photo shoot done at the office. Oh well.

Smile though your heart is aching…

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Back to UP x2

Despite the lure of cheap eats, nostalgic walks around the acad oval, and the general feeling of lightness when I visit my old university, I haven’t been back as much as I’ve wanted since I’ve graduated. This year though, I’ve been back on two separate occasions.

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Those That Didn’t Make The Cut: Days 11-20

If I ever thought that I’d magically improve my technique (did I ever have one?) by days 11-20, I must have been pretty deluded at that time. Maybe if I didn’t cram these pictures so much, I would have had more time to plan and execute the challenges. Or not.

Day 11 – Something Blue

I think that it’s a bit harder for me when the day’s challenge is very general, thus, giving me a lot of options. No, that’s not a good thing for me, I end up taking too long choosing what to shoot. But then again, it is called a photography “challenge”, right?

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Those That Didn’t Make The Cut: Days 1-10

A few of my friends and I are doing this 30-Day Photography Challenge we found via Pinterest from this blog. Personally, it’s an exercise in creativity — or what little creativity I have left. I used to design posters and teasers for my org in college but now the most creative thing I do for my job is color coding my flowcharts.

Here are some of the shots I didn’t get to upload:

Day 1 – Self-portrait

The reason why I hardly change my profile/display pics is because I’m forever conscious of getting solo pics taken (group pics are not a problem). The hardest part was trying not to make goofy faces at the cam.

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After Hours

How do you spend the last week with a friend who’s off to another country, and may or may not come back? Do photo challenges, of course. One of the reasons we’re doing the challenge was to test out Marj’s new camera.  The testing-out-Marj’s-camera didn’t work out quite as planned since it ran out of juice before we got to it. We still went on with the challenge anyway, but we used my trusty point and shoot which is horrible in low light, yes, but neither of us are admittedly all that talented anyway, even with a kick-ass camera.

The original challenge was to take ten photos throughout a regular day to find something great in the mundane, etc etc. We modified that (to fit our needs, mood, and schedule) to take ten photos at night at Salcedo park and the surrounding areas.

Click to zoom. Or don’t. It all looks better as thumbnails. 😛

Final pic results notwithstanding, it was fun just to spend a chill night out in a park. Feels pretty good not thinking about the more serious aspects of life in our 20s, just wondering just how many kittens a certain pregnant cat is carrying (its belly was huge!). I’m not sure if I’ll get better at taking photos, but I do want to improve for the sake of my travels. And also this blog.

We also learned that Marj’s talent lies in captioning pics and mine is in… well, maybe post-processing. So yeah, these photos are even crappier in their original form.

Here are Marj’s 10 photos.