Hong Kong: The First Day


It’s really hard for me to act my age.

Since the morning of our arrival in Hong Kong was reserved for errands like checking into the hostel, exchanging money, and cursing ourselves for not packing an umbrella, we only had from lunch time onward for touring. Our first destination was the TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) harbour so we can take the Star Ferry from TST to Central. The terminal was about a ten-minute walk from our hostel, but it turned into around fifteen because of the rain and a couple of wrong turns.

Getting around in the rain.

Wet Hong Kong

Before we boarded said ferry, we took a few pictures along TST Promenade, which has a great view of the harbour and Hong Kong island.

I've desaturated most of the pictures I took because the weather made everything grey-tinged anyway.

I’ve desaturated most of the pictures I took because the weather made everything grey-tinged anyway.

I like taking boat rides when I’m touring. Sure, they’re not always the fastest way to commute but it’s like seeing the place from a whole new perspective. Plus it was a way for me to overcome my seasickness when I was young. Anyway, we used our octopus cards for the Star Ferry, which had a really cheap fare.

ferry ride

When we docked at the Central Ferry Pier, we searched for Bus 15C which would take us to the Peak Tram terminus. Bus 15C is an open-top double-decker bus and I really, really wanted to ride at the top because I didn’t get to do that in London. I think the only open-top buses in London are tour buses.

But once again, I was thwarted. This time, it’s because the seats on top were drenched from the rain.

peak tram busThe bus dropped us off at the Peak Terminus, where we rode the Peak Tram to Victoria Peak. The tram goes up to the Peak at about 27 degrees, but I swear sometimes it feels like 45. The Peak Tram ticket also covers the museum fee so we got to explore while waiting. The round trip ticket is about HKD 38 but we must have only gotten the one way because I remember taking a bus down from Victoria Peak. A looong and winding bus ride.

There was something vaguely Hogwarts Express-ish about the thing especially with the displays of old timey costume from around the time the tram was built (late 1800s). No Hogwarts joke went to waste between myself and Jerome.

Peak Tram


Peak Tram stations

So foggy

So foggy…

The plan was sunset at Victoria Peak, but there wasn’t any sun to speak of with all the clouds. It still provided a nice view though.

Peak Tower view.

Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.

Part of the view, this time in color, and with my face as a bonus. LOL.

Part of the view, this time in color, and with my face as a bonus. LOL. (Man, I really did gain weight from that US trip )

We ate at the Peak Tower (nowhere special, just a Burger King) and window shopped, being immature and laughing at things like stores named “Rapee Living”. Okay, maybe that was just me.

The Peak Tower (I think)

The Peak Tower (I think)

Back at the (flat) ground, we took the reverse route of the ferry from Central to TST so we can watch the Symphony of Lights from a great view. It was an excellent show and we did get a great view of it, but I’m wondering if they’re doing something to make the nightly show not so energy-consuming. But I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed it. Pretty lights!



After the Symphony of Lights, we walked along the Avenue of the Stars, which is like Hong Kong’s version of the Walk of Fame. We also checked out the Clock Tower but this was as impressive as I was led to believe. It’s all conveniently located in the same area though. And yes, this was also the area we boarded the Star Ferry at the start of the day. Also, there’s wifi! Free wifi! Gotta love Hong Kong for this.

That's the clock tower,  viewed from the ferry as we were approaching the TST terminal

That’s the clock tower, viewed from the ferry as we were approaching the TST terminal


Saw some (internationally) famous names.

Saw some (internationally) famous names.

Since we walked all the way to the end of the Avenue of the Stars, we were too lazy to walk back the way we came so we had to figure out a new walking route back to our hostel.

Thirty minutes later, we realized it would have been faster if we just doubled back.

P.S. There’s also a museum along the area where the Clock Tower and Avenue of the Stars are but since we went at night, we were not able to check it out.


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