Off the Grid (Or how I never say no to food.)

Food trucks? Why, yes please.

It was back to SF for me on a Friday afternoon as we drove over to Fort Mason Center so we can check out Off The Grid. We had a very systematic approach to this visit, with the list of vendors printed out and all. The suggestions of people who has been there were even highlighted and noted. We take our food trip seriously! Haha.

I want to pause at this point to say that I can’t get a quote from “Go On” out of my head: It’s a short trip from foodie to fatty.

It was not unlike Mercato, but there were more food trucks (instead of being mostly stalls), and of course the food selection was different.

Snaps from “Off the Grid”

Well, not a whole lot different. There were at least two trucks that specializes in Filipino food.

Here’s the food we decided to get:

Kamikaze Fries from KoJa Kitchen

It’s no secret that I love potatoes in any incarnation. So if you have crisscut fries with a load of toppings on it– Korean bbq beef, green onions, kimchi, etc– it’s definitely going to be an A+ for me. I wouldn’t say that the Kamikaze Fries were better than the Carne Asada fries I’ve tasted just days before this Off the Grid outing though. I’m sorry KoJa, but that has guacamole.

Garlic Shrimp Taco (left) and Roast Duck Taco (right) from Kung Fu Tacos

This was probably my favorite from what we tried here. Which one, you ask? Both. I loved both. The sauce was a-mah-zing. Apart from the meat and the sauce, my expert evaluation is that the tacos contain mangoes, bits of leaves, onion, bits of other green stuff that aren’t leaves, and garlic. The last one I guessed from the name of the taco.

Tender Pork Belly with Turmeric Pickled Daikon from The Chairman

Ahmygaahhd, I never thought pork can be so tender. And I don’t know what daikon is but I bet it’s a pokemon but it tastes so good with the pork. I went to The Chairman’s site to check out what this sandwich is called and was amused that it asked me if I wanted my buns baked or steamed. Hurhur. I’m the epitome of maturity.

Dulce de Loco creme brulee for dessert from Creme Brulee Cart

(“El Jefe” makes me think of Xabi Alonso.)

The creme brulee tasted good but it was nothing special. We proabably should have gone with a more adventurous flavor. No, I did not ask about the free high five because I was busy checking out the stall next to this which was named “Fat Face”.

Fat Face’s selection of popsicles.

It had a bacon-and-egg-flavored popsicle and a fudge espresso popsicle. That business is me in food stall form. I didn’t try any of the popsicles though. Don’t ask me why, because the present me has been asking that question since.

Kettle corn from Peter’s Kettle Corn

My personal choice was the Horchata! because it had an exclamation point. I was not disappointed because it tasted good. Kettle corn is one of those food that I can’t stop eating as long as it’s within my reach. I’m not particularly fond of it but I just can’t stop popping it in my mouth.

Elote from Alicia’s

We were already on our way out but my cousin’s girlfriend (pictured above holding the elote) and I caught a glimpse of these babies and couldn’t resist. I know it’s just corn, but it’s smothered in Parmesan cheese, chili powder , and sour cream. I think this is easy enough to duplicate and I might just try to do so. Since, you know, I’m all the way out here in the Philippines and have no easy access to these, sad face.


My cousin and I really share the same basic genetic makeup (so does most of the animal kingdom,  but you get what I mean) because our logic goes something like:

  1. Go to Off The Grid
  2. Eat a variety of delicious food
  3. Complain that we’re so stuffed
  4. Decide to go to a restaurant
  5. Eat more food
  6. Walk to the car which we parked at some distance and consider that “burning off the calories”

We drove to this Vietnamese restaurant called Thanh Long (still in San Francisco) for their garlic noodles and crab. I glanced at the menu and thought that for the prices, the food better be really damned good. Third world money, ok. My cousin paid though, hehe. 😀

The crab. THE CRAB. I will never love another crab as much as I love the one there! I feel pretty confident declaring that because I want people to try and change my mind by treating me to crab at other restaurants. Oh, I can still remember the taste of this one though. Great, now I’m hungry.

The garlic noodles tastes really good but it was too soggy for me. I’m not sure if that’s how they really cook it or it’s just a one off. Tastes good with the crab though. Damn it, I keep coming back to the crab.

That night was my last in California before I head home the next day so I ended my San Francisco trip(s) the way I started it: by looking at it from up high. This time, it was from the Coit Tower and it was nighttime.

Totally ragged pic coming up:

P.S. The actual instax photos I take don’t turn out as nice as the one above, especially at night.

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