Those That Didn’t Make The Cut: Days 21-30

I could weep with relief that I’ve finally finished this challenge. I have Marj & Zsappy to thank for the pressure, since they did theirs right on schedule. So here’s the last batch of this photo challenge, and what a useless crop it is:

Day 21 – Faceless Self-portrait

Another photo shoot done at the office. Oh well.

Smile though your heart is aching…

What made the cut, which I really loved, so I made it my sidebar pic.

Day 22- Hands

I used my camera phone for this one.

What made the cut.

Day 23 – Sunflare

I think I might have destroyed my lenses because of this pic, and yet, I only had one decent shot.

Day 24 – Animal

I had such grand plans! Unfortunately, my trip to Avilon Zoo didn’t push through, so here are my animal shots.

Two other doggies were what made the cut though.

Day 25 – Something Pink

What made the cut.

Day 26 – Close-up

I apologize for this very lame effort.

I feel like a gold star is necessary at this point.

Here’s what made the cut.

Day 27 – From a distance

My pic of Alcatraz Island was the only one that fit, so… it’s what I used.

Day 28 – Flowers

The pick of the bunch.

Day 29 – Black and White

I expected to have a lot of choice for this day, but noooo… so here’s what made the cut.

Day 30 – Self-portrait

Again? Gosh darned it!

Confession: I do have lots of shots for this one. But they are mostly of me looking glum or stressed out so I’m only going to link you to what made the cut, which is me looking just a tiny bit stressed out.

So that’s it. What have I learned from this challenge?

  1. Never ever cram. Plan for things.
  2. Have a good camera.
  3. Choose a challenge with no self-portraits next time.
  4. Lightroom is my best friend.

Until the next challenge, whenever that may be!


Day 1-10
Day 11-20
Imgur Album

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