Back to UP x2

Despite the lure of cheap eats, nostalgic walks around the acad oval, and the general feeling of lightness when I visit my old university, I haven’t been back as much as I’ve wanted since I’ve graduated. This year though, I’ve been back on two separate occasions.

I. Run, Gooner, Run

Remember when I posted about Be A Gunner, Be A Runner a few months back? I actually went through with it. Though running is a generous term for what I actually did on the last day of March. To be fair, a 6.4 km run was ambitious for someone who didn’t train in any way for it. (I did buy new jazz pants though.)

Gooner #634! Forward! has published some of the photos of the Filipino gooners who participated and yeah, my face might be on some of these pictures on the webpage. Autograph-signing is every Fridays at 10

We arrived at the run late — the others were nearing the end of their 1st or 2nd laps– so with very little warm up (but a lot of photos), Jerome and I set off.

Our run route, the UP academic oval.

Sunflowers made the University Ave look pretty during the summer. Couldn’t resist stopping to take a photo.

It felt great to run… for about 3 minutes. Then it was hell. People say you should just push through the pain but we chose to push our way in front of the Oblation Statue and rest have our pics taken on a UP landmark instead.

Run, Jerome, run!

The camwhoring was repeated when we saw an ice cream cart…

Ice cream, anyone?

…and Melchor Hall a.k.a. Eng’g Building a.k.a. where we spent five years of our lives.

Let’s get limber!

Did we do more resting than running? The important thing here is that it was all for a good cause. #leaveityeah

Some of the boys pausing for a pose.

II. Walk, Walk, Fashion, Baby

April was an odd month. It was the first month that I had to adjust not having one of my best friends around and it was also the month I had to prepare for someone very special to also leave me the country. Bucket list-wise, we had a lot to do before Marj left. One of these things is posing in front of the Oblation Statue in our university’s equivalent of a graduation gown — the sablay.

Me & Marj in a requisite GPOY shot.

Why is this very important for us? Backstory time!

It’s sort of a tradition among graduates of our university to pose in front of the Oblation statue during graduation. We both didn’t do it. I remembered that after MY graduation ceremony, it was insanely hot and there were a thousand people who wanted their photos taken with Oble. I was operating on no sleep (I was already working ungodly hours at that time) so I… actually, I don’t remember what I did instead but I’m pretty sure it involved Cello’s doughnuts. Marj probably had a similar story two years later, minus the doughnuts. Years later, we found that both of us list this as one of our regrets.

That’s me (in the middle) during my Engineering graduation. How were my legs ever that thin? (Photo c/o Pat)

One April morning, we decided to go to UP to finally tick this off our list and also go on a photo walk around UP. The place is insanely photogenic during the summer (so were we, hehehe).

We rendezvoused at the Carillon and did our primping there, treating some construction workers a view of our transformation from drab to sort-of-fab.

The UP Carillon – a bell tower, but I’ve yet to hear an actual bell in all my years there. A recording, yes, but not a bell.

UP Theater

We didn’t have the same dresses we wore to our actual graduations, but this was good enough. Mission accomplished!

Me in sablay with Oble!

Marj with Oble

Of course, we also took a couple (dozen) shots around campus.

We also had a photo op with a famous face – UP’s very own superhero!

When we got tired of walking around campus, we decided to drop by our org tambayan. Not that we know a lot of people there now, but there were still some familiar faces that we were hoping too see. It was almost empty though as it usually is during the summer, with only a couple of people around. Duh.

Before we went back to our adult lives, I had milk tea and  Marj had a shake from Lutong Bahay. She said she missed it.

You know what’s missed right now? Her.

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