A Golden (Gate) Afternoon

I read somewhere that the Golden Gate Bridge ranks as one of the top suicide spots in the world. It’s terribly sad that some people look at that suspension bridge and think, “That’s where/how I’ll end my life.” And then there are people who’d lost loved ones from suicides off that bridge and that’s all they remember when they see it. I mean, it really is a breathtakingly beautiful bridge — like a work of art that spans almost 9000 feet– so it’s tragic in that aspect.

Well, you know what they say about tragedy and beauty. Or is it the beauty of tragedy? Or the tragedy of beauty?

Okay, now that I’ve started this entry in a morbid note (it’s just one of those days; I forgot to take my happy pills.), let me just say that there was nothing sad or melancholy about on the day I got my first good view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a really clear day, perfect for sight-seeing.

There are many ways to view the Golden Gate Bridge– over, sideways, under, on a magic carpet ride– but my cousin opted for me to see it from the Golden Gate South Vista Point and Baker Beach. We went to the former first, to take pictures from the more popular vantage point. This is also where I got some souvenirs (mostly postcards I sent to friends) and learned that the bridge had its 75th birthday that year (well, I was a month off the actual anniversary).

Oh, I also had my first Alcatraz sighting!

Gotta admit, my interest in Alcatraz stemmed mainly from the television series, which I didn’t even finish.

There was only a mild tourist situation that day so I did manage a few snaps without having too many heads photobomb the picture. There were still quite a number of people where there was a better view of the bridge.

I don’t know if it’s the really strong sunlight or my camera, but the bridge don’t quite appear as orange as I’d hoped. They were a bit shadowy from this angle.

I have so many pics of the bridge from Vista Point that it’s too much effort to check if the pics I’m including here are the best of the bunch. Reminded me of when I saw Big Ben; I just kept clicking away. Quantity over quality photos! Only because I can’t guarantee quality. 😉

A hop and a skip away was Baker Beach. Despite my highly inappropriate footwear (I was wearing knee-high boots), it was hard to resist the beach especially since it guaranteed an awesome view of the Golden Gate Bridge. No dipping my toes in the Pacific though.

Here are a couple of pics from the beach:

Not a cloud in sight!

I love that I captured this moment. I felt like I was looking at the present and future, or the past and present.

Then they started to run TO me and AROUND me and freaked me out a bit.

And then, after what seemed like miles of trudging through sand (it wasn’t — the whole beach is only half a mile long), was an even better view of the Golden Gate Bridge than the one in South Vista Point. It was as pretty as any postcard I’d seen.

This (and the next pic) was not post-processed. This was how the photos turned out because of the overwhelming blue of the sky and sea.

I love that gull. I just know it’s posing for my camera, hehe.

Yes, that’s a naked guy throwing stones at the water in the photo above. Did I forget to say that Baker Beach is a nude beach? Well, my cousin-slash-host has also forgotten to release that information before we saw actual naked people. I was like, “Eeeeek! Penis!” and he was all “Oops. Yeah, well, this is a nude beach. Haha!” Something like that.

I think only half of Baker Beach hosts the nudies though. I mean, the first half we went through was like this:

Clothed people!

And then the part closer to the bridge became more clothing-optional:

Nude beach volleyball, anyone?

A note on nude beaches: the people are never the ones you want to see naked. I mean, where was a Real Madrid player when you needed one? At the Euros, duh.

I know the title says “Afternoon” but the week after that day, we stopped by South Vista Point again, but this time near sundown.

I saw this big hologram of the bridge, which I didn’t notice the first time I went there. It showed the Golden Gate Bridge throughout the years. Guess it was put up for the 75th GGB birthday last May. (P.S. My company was one of the sponsors of said birthday)

It was a colder and foggier day, but the bridge is still visible.

With my cousin’s girlfriend, Joy.

We didn’t really plan on coming back, but we passed it on our way home from dinner. I was going home the day after and feeling sentimental so we parked the car and I said goodbye to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Next up: Fisherman’s Wharf

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