Kuala Lumpur Highlights

It feels like a few months ago, but it has been a full year since my friend and I went to Malaysia for the Arsenal Asia Tour 2011. I’ve already posted about the football part of that trip as soon as we got home from KL. My motivation for posting so fast might have been part documentation, part humblebrag. Clearly, it wasn’t to showcase the quality of my sports photography.

Before I begin with the sightseeing pics, here are a few ground rules:

Welcome to KL!

The Petronas Towers is the landmark of Kuala Lumpur so that’s where we started our sightseeing. Our hostel is a walking distance from KLCC and Petronas Towers, though when I say “walking distance”, I mean prepare to sweat gallons if you’re exercise-challenged like me.

The facade of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

Petronas Towers — we weren’t able to take the Sky Bridge tour because it was closed for Ivan Gazidis and a couple of Gunners.

KL is very similar to Manila, but what I like about it is that they have a better transportation system. Another thing I like about KL is the hawker food, especially in Jalan Alor. It’s cheaper compared to, say, Singapore and possibly Hong Kong (I’ll found out if the latter is true in 2 weeks).


Teh tarik made in the streets — so good.

Jelan Petaling, KL’s Chinatown:

A reggae bar, where we ended up one night for some drinks.

Central Market, where we bought most of our souvenirs:

Tried the fish spa in Central Market. It was good for my tired feet.

Kaya toast with soft boiled eggs & iced teh tarik at Old Town Coffee.

[End of my lazy-ass post that’s a year late.]

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