2012 Goals – Midyear Updates

The constant email reminders that it’s time for our midyear performance review has reminded me to evaluate where I am in terms of the personal goals I set for myself this year. While the former is an annual bane to my professional existence, I find the latter to be a good use of the 30 min of free time I have in what proved to be a very busy couple of days.

  • Read at least 20 books 
    • Status: Slightly off-track – I’ve finished 8 books so far, and I’m a chapter away from finishing a 9th. I’d have finished more books a) had Arsenal not made me undergo an emotional rollercoaster necessitating in a re-read of “Fever Pitch” and b) I did not repeat books I’ve read before because I wanted to “review” before the movie version came out.

Ok, ok, so even if the movie wasn’t coming out soon, I would still reread this book.

    • Books finished:
      1. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson
      2. Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
      3. Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver
      4. Good In Bed, Jennifer Weiner
      5. Beauty Confidential, Nadine Haobsh
      6. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Douglas Adams
      7. Looking for Alaska, John Green
      8. Why We Broke Up,  Daniel Handler

Why We Broke Up – It was a chore to get through this book. I could not discern a plot or a point or anything that could rationalize the time I wasted reading this.

  • Watch at least 50 movies and plays
    • Status: Off-track – this is harder than I thought it would be! Minus the movies I half-paid attention to during bus rides, I’ve only seen 20 movies this year. And one play (Forbidden Broadway). I blame the numerous TV series that I watch weekly. Also:
  • Learn the “Ai, Se Eu Te Pego” dance
    • Status: Completed! – this was probably the first thing I ticked off my list, haha!

Nossa, nossa~

  • Start and finish 2011 UK trip scrapbook
    • Status: On track – I’m halfway done with this, which surprised me. I wasn’t completely sure I’ll be able to start this endeavor! I thought that at some point in the year, I’d be like “Screw this! I have the memories in my mind anyway.”
  • Finish blogging about said UK trip

  • Watch three six football games live
    • Status: On track – I initially put down three games, but I was at that number by early Feb so I thought, what the hey, let’s change the goal to six! It’s June now and I’m watched a grand total of… three games live! Haha.

Philippine Air Force vs Kaya was the first live game I watched this year.

  • Take driving lessons and get driver’s license
    • Status: On hold – I have to reevaluate the feasibility of this since I have no car to practice on.
  • Enroll in Spanish language classes
    • Status: Off-track – I thought I’d be taking level 2 classes by now. I guess it’s hard to get motivated when I have no one to go to class with.

I do know a bit of Spanish…

  • Go to 2 museums
    • Status: Slightly off-track – Should have gone to one in SG. Anyway, I have plans to go to one in Reno and then there’s the Mind Museum in Taguig, plus the options in Indochina alone…
  • Get picture with Thomas Vermaelen
    • Status: On track – WHAT IS THIS GOAL? WHO PUT IT HERE? I did. Okay. I’m labeling this as ‘on track’ since I’ve booked my tickets to the Arsenal tour in Hong Kong, and have practiced (with little success though) getting pictures with celebrities.

This is training.

Disclaimer: All gifs used are not created by me and I am grateful to the wonderful people who had taken time to make them.

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