Those That Didn’t Make The Cut: Days 11-20

If I ever thought that I’d magically improve my technique (did I ever have one?) by days 11-20, I must have been pretty deluded at that time. Maybe if I didn’t cram these pictures so much, I would have had more time to plan and execute the challenges. Or not.

Day 11 – Something Blue

I think that it’s a bit harder for me when the day’s challenge is very general, thus, giving me a lot of options. No, that’s not a good thing for me, I end up taking too long choosing what to shoot. But then again, it is called a photography “challenge”, right?

What made the cut, beating the picture above by a few books.

 Day 12 – Sunset 

We had days and days of cloudy climes, so I had to do a workaround for this one by drawing a sunset. I only have one angle of the drawing so there really wasn’t much of a choice but this one.

Day 13 – Yourself with 13 Things

This one is a personal favorite. I chose the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice because it’s my favorite series (along with Harry Potter, but that only has 7 books). I opened a few random pages on some of the books and the words still thrill me.

I still have a few shots in my shortlist but they didn’t show all thirteen objects. There was one shot where I accidentally sat on Pandora, haha. Anyway, this is what made the cut.

P.S. The red dress is an homage to Lestat’s love of the color. And I used maple syrup + red food coloring for the fake blood. It was delicious.

Day 14 – Eyes

I never got around to taking this day’s challenge so I used one of the shots from Day 1 and cropped the hell out of it. Cheating? Maybe. I call it “finding a way”.

Day 15 – Silhouette

I might have bribed my sister into jumping around for me.

I call this next one her audition for a Walking Dead zombie extra.

What made the cut, because the sky looks like a painting.

Day 16 – Long Exposure Shot

This was a fun one because I got to play around with fire.

I may or may not have been shouting “Finite Incantatem!” on the last one.

What made the cut.

Day 17 – Technology

Warning: Really lame attempt.

Equally lame attempt that made the cut.

Day 18 – Your Shoes

I love shoes! I have a lot of them, though I only rotate one or two for daily wear. It seems that the act of buying shoes is more important than actually wearing them. That, or I buy a lot of uncomfortable shoes.

I chose my brown suede shoes for this challenge because they were what I was wearing for the day they’re one of my favorite pairs.

What made the cut.

Day 19 – Something Orange

What made the cut.

Day 20 – Bokeh

I had to research what Bokeh was and google images turned out some really awesome pics. I also read conflicting articles on what bokeh really is. In the end, I just went with “blurry background” which might not be technically correct. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s not technically correct.

What made the cut, because dessert always trumps random restaurant numbers.

Props to Marj, who finished the challenge on time. And to Zsappy, who’s also done with hers. Those two are better than me at deadlines and let’s be honest, taking photos.


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5 thoughts on “Those That Didn’t Make The Cut: Days 11-20

  1. maaajhie June 12, 2012 at 11:04 PM Reply

    No!!! Your pictures are better than mine.. 😐

    • thethirdpeverell June 15, 2012 at 3:41 AM Reply

      1 or 2, but the majority is so average or below average! *grimaces*

  2. ana tedor (@ongkoy) July 9, 2012 at 4:44 PM Reply

    My photos were just taken for the sake of having a photo. I’m not artsy and creative like you. IMY! :*

    • thethirdpeverell July 11, 2012 at 2:54 AM Reply

      Haha, they only seem artsy after I post process it! BTW, I have added one more pic. Yes, I’m still going to finish this. But Day 30 has to wait until I lose the weight I gained!

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