St. PATrick’s Day

It’s very obvious from my blog and FB albums that my friends and I are very food-centric. Once in a while, we opt out of eating in restaurants and cook our own food. Well, the cooking part is mostly done by Dale. We mostly wash, slice, and mix. And taste. The last one’s obviously my favorite part.

Our chef also serves himself up on a roll. O_o

This is the part of the entry where I show a food preparation montage. Imagine a cheerful song playing and the lot of us high-fiving at random intervals and having cute food fights. Because that’s what really happened. Absolutely.

Our amiga Pat was leaving for Australia by the end of March, so we decided that our party should be St. Patrick’s Day themed because:

  •  We were having the party on Mar 17
  • Pat was supposed to be named Patrick Andrew but she inconveniently turned out not to have a penis when she was born. Which is good, because she’s a girl. Sorry. She’s a lady.

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t traditionally celebrated here in the Philippines but it seems like one of those get-drunk holidays that we should have. Yes, I know it’s a religious holiday. So are fiestas but people still get drunk after going to church. Or before, as in the case of my mom’s male cousins.

We decked the table in green and painted our faces with clovers (among other things. In the end, we weren’t very theme-strict with the face paint).

Then we prepared and ate food that are slightly Irish in nature. Or green. The menu was:

1. Cream Dory Soup

2. Apple and Feta Salad

3. Roasted Cauliflower with Cheddar Cheese Sauce

4. Irish Lamb Stew

5. Bailey’s Mousse

6. Lime Cheesecake with Strawberries

For drinks, we had Bailey’s (of course), a bit of wine, and mint lemonade, which we tinted green to look more theme-y.

(You can check out the recipes for some of the dishes on Dale’s blog, linked above.)

The rest of the night was spent watching “Happy Endings” and “GCB” episodes, which are in no way related to St. Paddy’s Day, but we were sort of like the cast of “Happy Endings” (I’m the Max of the group) and all of us love Cheno. The people who party hard you with are nice to have, but those that you can chill with at home while wearing ratty house clothes are the ones for keeps. These guys are both.

Penny Pat, now that you’re miles away from us, don’t ever forget that YOU WILL NEVER FIND MORE AWESOME PEOPLE THAN US. LOL, kidding. Not really. My Pat-withdrawal (Patdrawal?) is insane so you have to earn a lot of money and come get me. I don’t think I could survive without you for more than a year, tops.

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