Those That Didn’t Make The Cut: Days 1-10

A few of my friends and I are doing this 30-Day Photography Challenge we found via Pinterest from this blog. Personally, it’s an exercise in creativity — or what little creativity I have left. I used to design posters and teasers for my org in college but now the most creative thing I do for my job is color coding my flowcharts.

Here are some of the shots I didn’t get to upload:

Day 1 – Self-portrait

The reason why I hardly change my profile/display pics is because I’m forever conscious of getting solo pics taken (group pics are not a problem). The hardest part was trying not to make goofy faces at the cam.

Actually, the hardest part was not having a tripod. I’ve had lots of reject pics where my arm was unnaturally huge because I was holding out the camera as far away from my face as possible.

 What made the cut.

Day 2 – What You Wore

Ugh, remember when I said taking self-portrait pics is hard without a tripod? Full-body shots are harder. I had to secure my camera to a windowsill.

 It’s quite frustrating not to have much choice in wardrobe for this day as I was at my parents and I only had old clothes there.

What made the cut.

Day 3 – Clouds

Location-wise, I was at a disadvantage because I lived in a highly urban area with lots of tall buildings, telephone wires, the train, and quite a bit of construction. I had to climb on our rooftop so I can get an better view of the sky.

I also tried taking pics at street level, but that just pissed a lot of people as I stood in their way, trying to line up a shot.

What made the cut.

Day 4 – Something Green

Haha, this was probably the lamest day so far. I woke up later than expected and it was quite a busy day at work. Had to make do with the stuff around me.

 My cab passed by this gasoline station and I snapped this shot from my mobile phone. It’s something green — the sign’s green and it’s “clean fuel” so it’s green.

I thought it was a clever concept- albeit a spur of the moment one- but I did not have time to get a good angle.

What made the cut.

Day 5 – From A High Angle

Tough shot to take as I had to press the shutter with one hand while pouring the powdered coffee with the other.

What made the cut.

Day 6 – From A Low Angle

There’s a chicken in our yard, which I find hilarious because I tried to get a dog and it wasn’t allowed. I couldn’t get the low angle just right for the shot below so it just looks like the chicken has an unnaturally large ass.

What made the cut.

Day 7 – Fruit

My favorite fruits are strawberries and ripe mangoes, but I think kiwis are one of the nicest fruit to photograph.

What made the cut. (I still used three photos and made it into a collage, haha.)

Day 8 – A Bad Habit

Everyone who knows me knows that my most obvious bad habit is spending a lot of money on pretentious coffee, but I was broke that day so I couldn’t take a pic of my usual Starbucks order.

Fortunately, I have a multitude of bad habits to choose from. Hurhur.

Like the one above, which is snoozing my alarm as soon as it goes off. I take my alarms as more like a suggestion than an actual imperative to get up.

Another one is procrastination which is what made the cut.

Day 9 – Someone You Love

Mother’s Day is in May and so is my mom’s birthday so she gets to be in this challenge.

She’s miffed at me for not photoshopping out her laugh lines but I think that she’s pretty even with them and that it’s indicative of how much she smiles and laughs even when things are tough.

This picture is the same as what made the cut, but with a different filter.

Day 10 – A Childhood Memory

I still love Yakult, but the Fruit-tella I used for this shoot is still unconsumed somewhere. Anybody remember Caramella? That I liked better than Fruit-tella, even then, but can’t find it anywhere now.

What made the cut.

I know photography isn’t my strong suit, but hell, I’m enjoying this challenge. (And alternately stressing about it, mostly from cramming.)

See you for Days 11-20!

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3 thoughts on “Those That Didn’t Make The Cut: Days 1-10

  1. ana tedor (@ongkoy) July 9, 2012 at 4:58 PM Reply

    Caramella! I spent all my pocket money just to eat these little pieces of goodies.

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