¡Campeón de Liga por 32ª vez!*

*Spanish might be incorrect, but the point is, Real Madrid won La Liga! (And the title is trying to say “Champions of the league for the 32nd time!”)

Grabbed the (cheap) bottle of wine from the fridge as soon as the FT whistle blew, before all the ~feels started.

And then I wanted a pic with the scarf to instagram (I’m hip like that, down with the cool kids), and this is the best photo I got:

I was already puffy-eyed from uglycrying so I hid my ugly mug.

After that, I just went crazy…

This kind of happiness should be bottled so it can be taken on a bad day. It’s a hard-fought win, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving than this team, and these fans. And I can’t think of a better captain to lead this team to victory than Iker Casillas, the best goalkeeper in the world.

¡Hala Madrid!


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