On Board the MV Logos Hope!

It was my first visit to the vessel, though I’ve been planning to come for years. I am a failure that way.

Logos Hope is actually the new ship, the fourth one the organization utilized. It is run by a German charitable organization whose goal is to bring “knowledge to the world”, though there’s a heavy Christian theme throughout. The crew  is made up of different nationalities and live on board for about two years.

It was an easy commute for me from Taft-Vito Cruz. I just took the LRT1 to Carriedo station and from there, rode a jeep with a sign that says “Pier”. I’m a very “let’s take a cab” kind of girl because I’m lazy and get lost easily so I’m telling you, it’s a no-brainer commute.

There was quite a queue when I arrived at Pier 15 in Manila’s South Harbor since they only allow a number of people on board. Also, it was a Sunday and a lot of people wanted to check it out before it sailed to Subic. There was a clown entertaining the kids in line so they won’t get antsy. Good for them, bad for me. I don’t like clowns and this one is in roller skates, so it’s even faster if ever there’s a chase should it decide to kill me.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a very sunny day so the heat wasn’t unbearable. Although that means I didn’t get to take good pics of the harbour with sun flares and and a cloudless, blue sky.

The ticket only costs P20, btw. The books inside are priced in units, not in currency. Lucky for us Filipinos, one peso = one unit so my rusty arithmetic skills would remain untested for that day.

Inside the Logos Hope, there was a brief orientation before we were allowed in the actual area with books. There’s also mini-exhibit detailing the history of the  organization.

There’s a quote on the wall caught my eye:

This is the sight that welcomed me when I entered the bookstore. It really would have been better to go on a weekday…

And then– heaven! Shelves upon shelves of cheap books ranging from fiction to language books, books for children, cookbooks, art books, Christian books, sports books, etc. The glossy academic books costs 3 for 500 units (=500 pesos)!

After we purchased everything that interested us, we headed to the International Cafe inside the ship. Note: Once you exit the bookstore and go here, you can’t backtrack. There weren’t any seats and the snacks were insanely expensive (they have to generate income somewhere) so we only bought ice pops.

There was a screening that raised HIV awareness, and a wall with post-its from the visitors of Logos Hope with messages about HIV.

This is what I ended up purchasing from the book fair (plus one 50-peso book about England’s football team that had pretty pictures of Stevie). The total costs only 583.33 pesos for the four books!

I wish I had the “1001 Days Out” book when we went to the UK. It would have been so useful! I’m currently reading bits of “The Western Humanities” in between fiction books. The hardbound “Western Experience” even has a companion CD. These last two books are part of the 3 for 500 bins. Amazing, right?

I can’t wait for next year, when it docks again in our part of the globe!

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