A Colorful Night of Indulgence (Iche’s Bridal Shower)

Richelle Lani “Iche” Taruc, my fellow UP KEM alumna turned work mentor is set to get married on Oct 22, 2011. Before she does that, however, the girls from the team decided to give her a bridal shower. Nothing too risqué — just a night of fun, relaxation, with a bit of naughtiness. Egay and I spearheaded the shower and we couldn’t decide between a chocoholic or a spa night theme, so we decided to do both. Hence, the “Indulgence” theme.

We initially wanted to go with this color palette:

I was not 100% sold on it though, as I am not a pastels kind of girl, but the brown does go wtih the chocolate theme of the party and the subdued colors could be very relaxing for a spa night. Because of some cute and cheap serving plates that we saw when we were buying supplies, we decided to change our color scheme to this one:

Well, more or less this scheme. We had to work with what SM Makati has to offer us. (No, they don’t have it all because they don’t have neon green Japanese paper.)

I didn’t manage to get a picture of the invite we gave to Iche. Just as well, because the layout was hastily photoshopped and we had to work with a black and white printer (thanks, office!). What I did was buy Meiji Black chocolate , popped it out of its box, and wrap the thing in the custom cover I printed in the office. It’s not the most original thing — I’ve actually done this before, but as a souvenir and not as an invite.

Only Iche got this special invite. The guests were all notified via Outlook (hey, budget!) on what to wear, where to go, and what time. I asked them to come an hour earlier than the bride-to-be so we can prepare and be ready when the guest of honor arrived. The venue was at the Linden Suites in Ortigas, which had pretty great suites that have their own kitchen and dining area. Marj got us an employee discount via her brother-in-law, which was awesome.

Since there was no time for the grand decoration ideas Egay and I had in mind, we just stuck to the very basics of the plan.

Letter lamps made from paper cups, tea lights, and japanese paper (Photo by Mils)

Citrus-colored “Almost Married” banner

The food, plates, and even the drinks also added to the decoration as most went with the color palette.

All sorts of sweets

Make your own s’mores – it was a hit!

Colorful cocktail mixes

The night started with pampering. We contacted Nails At Home to do mani-pedis. Their rates are reasonable, and their pedi comes with a foot soak and a foot rub. The manicure came with a hand massage and it felt sooo good. You have to add 30 if you want polish. They use Orly nail polish.

The bride getting her pamper on

For appetizers, we had crackers with two kinds of spread (honey butter and pesto) and cocktail hotdogs. Dinner was a simple fare of salad greens, roast chicken, and rice.

The chicken was delicious!

After dinner, it was time to turn the party up a notch so the cocktail drinks were served and we started the games. But not before we had Iche change into Ria’s gift, a really nice satin teddy of salmon pink.

The first game was for the bride-to-be. We printed five different faces, one of which was her husband-to-be, two were of celebrities, and the other two were… special. Jing, Dada, Marj, Leah and Bebang each carried a face. Iche was blindfolded and lipsticked and she had to choose a face to kiss. It was hilarious! Her first choice was her fiance, which was really cool, but then she changed her mind and went and kissed the last person she wants to kiss in real life! I was literally on the floor, clutching my stomach with laughter.

Eenie meenie… (Photo by Mils)

The next game, hosted by Jing, was Vow Mad Libs. I printed out the standard vows (I [name], take thee to be your lawfully wedded…) but removed some words for the group to fill-up. The guests were divvied up into four groups, I think, and were given sheets with numbers and what kind of words they had to answer (verb, adjective, etc.). Then Jing and I gave them the cheat sheet with the vow and they had to read the completed work. “I will lick you as long as we both shall live” came up on one of the vows, along with the name “Rodolfo”.

The last game was the male genitalia sculpture contest. I had my bets on who would win (Marj), but Pat surprised us all with her eerily detailed clay penis that impressed the judge, Egay.

Busy with their penises…

After more drinks, snacks, and gossip, it was time to call it a night. Some others stayed up and talked about god knows what (probably more gossip), but I was too knackered to participate. The best thing about holding this party in a hotel is that you could drop to sleep anywhere in the room.

The morning was mostly for chilling, with a bit of breakfast of milk tea and honey butter toast. Then it was time to leave the magical world of the hotel and face reality, but not before I had a long soak in the tub. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “A Colorful Night of Indulgence (Iche’s Bridal Shower)

  1. Richelle Taruc (@Ichedoo) January 20, 2012 at 4:43 AM Reply

    Janine, I stumbled upon your blog, googling for random stuff about me, hans and our wedding. hehehe. Thank you so much for organizing this. Sobrang nakakatouch. 🙂

    Good luck on your new role as well. And I do hope you’ll get back to a technical role soon, because you’re such an awesome OM guru. Seryoso to.

  2. thethirdpeverell January 21, 2012 at 9:39 AM Reply

    Aww, no problem, I had fun planning! You know it’s my thing, haha. 🙂

    Thanks for mentoring me sa S2C! Parang kaka-reminisce ko pa lang kila Ate Gidget kanina. Wala pa ko sa 35th nakakamiss na. ;_;

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