[UK 2011] Kensington, Tower of London, Thames River Cruise, Greenwich

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We got the London Day pass, which allows one to go to a variety of tourist destinations without paying anything extra, but only for one day. The pass itself was only 30something pounds, which would make you think you’re saving a lot. Well, monetarily, yes. But you’ll end up rushing through all these places to get your money’s worth, when you just want to linger and explore more thoroughly.

For example, we used our day pass for Kensington Palace, The Tower of London, and a City Cruise on the River Thames towards Greenwich. The admission fee of these three combined is worth more than the cost of our pass. But there was a time constraint.

Our first stop was Kensington Palace. It was partly being renovated, but they had these 7 Princesses fairy tale-themed thing going on.

Sadly, this is the last point where we can take pictures

Since in a lot of ways, I have the maturity of a five year-old whose favorite thing is the Disney Princesses, I enjoyed it a lot. Not that a lot of it were geared towards children; there was a lot of history and background of these seven princesses. Oh, did I forget to mention they were real princesses? Lady Di was even featured, which makes sense because Kensington Palace was her home. My favorite princess exhibit was Queen Victoria’s though… I’ve always loved her story. She and Albert were a love match, y’know. As lovey as matches get those days anyway.

Back to Diana, I wanted to see the Princess Diana Memorial playground within the park grounds of Kensington Palace, but time constraint yada yada.

But Pat and I had time to troll a sleeping gooner at the Kensington Palace gardens

Our next destination was the Tower of London. There are, like, a bazilion towers, activities, and spectacles right? But we only got to explore, oh, I don’t know 2.5 towers since we only had a few hours. I told myself I’d go back before my visit was over, so frustrated was I in not being able to explore at my leisure. Sadly, there was no way I could fit it on my schedule.

The menfolk in front of the Tower of London

At least we did get to see the Jewel Tower (TBH, I’d be more interested if I got to wear the jewels… or saw some other form of royal jewels, wink wink.) and the exhibit on torture devices. I also – and I’d off myself if I didn’t get to –  saw Tower Green, made famous because it was where Anne Boleyn was beheaded. St Peter ad Vincula, the chapel near this tower, is where she is buried. I was the only one in the group interested in this because they don’t have an unhealthy fascination with the Tudors.

Tower Bridge! Which we got to see up close and personal during the river cruise

So we don’t miss the last ferry to Greenwich, we had to cut the tour short. The river cruise tour itself was a bit boring, mostly because I don’t care where old timey sailors dock their ships. The destination – Greenwich – was… well, I didn’t think it would turn out to be one of the best afternoons in the whole UK trip. And this is a trip full of spectacularly awesome afternoons.

Like an ad, right? Haha.

We spent hours in the park there and just chilled. It was a taste of what it would be like if we lived in that area. It was so nice just to hang out, lay down on the grass, and do cartwheels (oh, this was only Dale). And we got to the general vicinity of the prime meridian. Zero degrees, baby! Once again, it was only Dale who trekked up the wee hill to the exact location. The rest of us were too tired and it was so nice where we were, watching the squirrels play… Then we capped the day with a fish and chips dinner.

Fish and chips! This is, btw, the kid's meal.

Okay, so I really can’t capture the essence of that day in this post right now because I’m knackered and sleepy and overworked. Anyway, there’s edit when I get my wits back. So, the end for now. 😛


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