[UK 2011] The pub experience, Victoria, and Indian food

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Though I deluded myself pre-London that I could somehow manage to scalp for Arsenal-Man Utd tickets, I soon realized the futility of this as soon as I got there since I know no season ticket holder. (I know of a season ticket holder, but he doesn’t know me) Besides, I heard that tickets to these big four games go insanely expensive if you are to go via the scalper route. We did the next big thing and watched the game in a pub. The pub had a good mix of Gooners and Mancs but none of them were really making that much noise. I even ended up starting the chanting and jeering. Guess we should have researched more on where we should have watched.

Pretty serious about the game. And their beer.

Apart from Aaron Ramsey’s goal, Pat’s fainting spell was a particularly interesting event in the whole watching-sports-in-a-London-pub experience. Was it jet lag? Was it the flash of Ramsey’s creamy thighs?

It was a particularly hopeful moment as an Arsenal fan. Jerome and I each bought newspapers that had the match result on the cover. Defeating Man Utd put us back in the title race. The events of the week after have not yet transpired so we thought we could still end up lifting the trophy, okay? Or at least a close second. Oh to be a Gooner!

So happy about the win! Jerome was happy too, but not as much as he missed most of the game because he's generous of spirit.


After the game and a quick meal at a nearby KFC, we all traipsed to the station to head to Victoria. We heard mass at the Westminster Cathedral, where I saw the most concentration of Filipinos in one place in all of my two weeks in London. Westminster Cathedral is huge, and there were mini-chapels inside that had each own particular design. The architecture is Byzantine, which made me think of Venice, though I’m not particularly sure why. Maybe some deep-seated Art Stud 1 learning.

Westminster Cathedral - "the mother church of the Catholic community in England and Wales" according to Wikipedia

We also whizzed through Victoria St., where the giant billboards for musicals had me spazzing with happiness all over the place. It made me want to have a musical scene of my own right then and there. I wish I could live in a place with easy access to such variety of musicals/plays all the time. (So that’s either London or New York? Haha.) Victoria St. is also home to Little Ben, which I almost missed because I was too distracted by the Apollo Victoria Theater.

"Billy Elliott" was only one of the many musicals on show

Of course, "Wicked" was the one we watched that week

Little Ben!

So the conclusion of the day is: Football + musicals* = I never wanted to leave.

That night, we went to the Arora house to eat the leftover Indian food from the Sangeet. Guess what? Indian food, while good sporadically and in small doses, does not agree with me when eaten regularly.


*Sure we do have football and musicals here, but not like in London. Random strangers talk to me on the train about football because I’m wearing an Arsenal jacket or similar. And man, there were posters for the musicals EVERYWHERE.

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