Look, I had a blurb about Real Madrid 4 years ago!

Sometimes, I love reading old blog entries. The rest of the time, I want to cringe and go back in time to stop myself from blogging. This particular entry I found is more on the cringe-worthy side, but it’s also quite a find.

  1. I mentioned Real Madrid. 🙂
  2. What, did I hate capitalizing back then or something?
  3. I wonder which teams were playing…
  4. I hope it wasn’t Arsenal vs. ________, because I hate eating my words.
  5. I failed Chem 153 in the end.
  6. I did retake it, but I cannot remember what Virial Expansion is. (googling right now)
  7. LOL @ “Spanish games”

This blog should be deleted. Problem is I can’t access it. It’s now doomed to be on the internet forever. DOOMED!


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